CarStory Personas


Thank you for your interest in this exclusive research from CarStory. As you review these documents please keep the following in mind:

1. These personas are a reference guide. They were created with a very specific subset of consumers utilizing a web-based CarStory property. Although you are likely to see many comparisons to your customers, it is of critical importance that you not presume that these personas are a direct match to your specific market. In other words, use these as a guide to help inform your own asset creation and marketing strategy.

  1. 2. Personas help to focus on need. Stereotyping by physical description will cost you sales. As you review these personas, strive to market and merchandise based on discovery and fulfillment of the felt needs of your customers. Remember, stop thinking of your prospective customer as a WHO; Start thinking of your prospective customer as a WHY.

  2. 3. If you enjoy this research, please consider our FREE Market Reports. CarStory Market Reports are absolutely free to you and are the natural extension of the need based discovery model that these personas support. Market Reports are currently activated on 6,000 dealership websites and are helping those dealers to convert traffic to leads and leads to sales.

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